Amicable Divorce? Consider Mediation Or Collaborative Law.

Sometimes couples can go through the divorce process in a civil manner. They can communicate without major conflict and with some assistance, come to agreements on child custody, support and division of marital assets.

In these circumstances, utilizing a mediator has tangible benefits. The divorce often can be finalized in a more timely and cost-effective manner. But, as in all divorces, retirement or pension accounts bring a level of complexity that many mediators and even the most experienced attorneys are not prepared to handle. That's why you need the help of our firm.

Highly Experienced With Division Of Retirement

With a background in the state of New York retirement system, Carolyn D'Agostino has more than 21 years of experience in the pension arena. The Law Office of Carolyn D'Agostino, PLLC, has become one of the go-to firms for assistance with dividing retirement assets in divorce.

In addition to providing post-judgment pension/QDRO preparation, consultation and litigation services, the firm also provides representation to clients in the Clifton Park area interested in amicable divorce, collaborative divorce and mediation. She serves as either a mediator to both parties, a mediator regarding the retirement assets only, or as an attorney advisor to one party.

Carolyn D'Agostino is trained as a mediator and collaborative lawyer. Other areas of the practice include separation agreements, matrimonial issues and post-divorce matters, including prenuptial agreements and estate planning.

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